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Bay State Summer Baseball Program



Each summer, Framingham Baseball participates in the Bay State Baseball Tournament. The mission of Bay State Baseball is to bring together youth all-star teams from cities and towns within Massachusetts, regardless of affiliation, for highly-competitive summer baseball.  Each of the teams will compete for the coveted Tournament of Champions trophy.  Games typically begin between the end of June and beginning of July and finish in early/mid-August depending on the success of the team.



It is Framingham Baseball’s goal to provide the opportunity to participate in summer travel baseball on a very competitive level, while ensuring children have fun playing and learning more about the game they love.  Players will participate in 1-2 practices per week where coaches will teach them about the various aspects of the game of baseball by working with them to refine and improve both their physical and mental baseball skills.



This is a very competitive league that covers four age-groups, ages 9 – 12.  The birthdays for each age division for the 2017 summer season will be as follows:








September 1, 2007

August 31, 2008



May 1, 2006

August 31, 2007



May 1, 2005

April 30, 2006



May 1, 2004

April 30, 2005


All divisions are multi-round mini-tournaments. The commissioners of Bay State Baseball will re-balance the competition after each round across the various teams for parity. Teams accumulate points throughout the summer season for the opportunity to play in the final Tournament of Champions. The final weekend of baseball is a festive occasion that usually includes skills competitions (e.g. home run derby), cookouts and great baseball.


Bay State Baseball is considered travel baseball and teams can travel up to 90 minutes for games, but many of the games are with a 30-minute drive. Teams typically play 3-4 games per week – one home weekday, one away weekday and 1-2 weekend games. In order to introduce the players to tournament baseball, many weekend games are at neutral sites that will host upwards of 25-30 games throughout the day.  Framingham will typically host at least one of these neutral site weekends during the summer.



Framingham Baseball will announce and hold tryouts each spring for interested players. Players will be evaluated on a number of aspects which cuts across both baseball physical skill and knowledge. 12 players will be chosen to make each team’s core roster and there will be a call-up list as well of up to 8 additional players per team.  Those players on the call-up list are encouraged to play in Framingham’s in-town summer league.  There are no guaranteed roster spots for previous players on prior Bay State teams.



In deciding whether or not to try out for Bay State Baseball, players and their families should consider the extent of the time commitment required.  The goal of this program is to ensure that each coach can field the best team possible and that there are enough players available for each game.  Framingham Baseball realizes that everyone’s circumstances are different during the summer related to vacations, camps, etc. If you are aware of potential conflicts, do not let this be a deterrent from trying out and contact the appropriate coach at tryouts.  Rosters are built to accommodate these conflicts to ensure each team has enough players for each game.



Player registration for Bay State Baseball is estimated to be $200. In town summer league is estimated to be between $60 - $80.  These fees can vary from year to year and are subject to change.  Please note that if a player is on the Bay State call-up roster, they only need to register for the in-town summer league.



For more information or any questions on the Bay State summer program, please refer to the Bay State Baseball web site (http://www.baystatebaseball.com/index.asp) or contact Josh Misiph (jmisiph@gmail.com).




Ashland Summer Sparkler Tournament


• Summer tournament in Ashland for 8 year olds (as of August 1st)
• Currently 8 teams involved from Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Bellingham, Southboro, Westboro, Framingham and Shrewsbury
• Teams typically consist of 12 players
• Games run from late-June to mid-July (5 weeks), includes playoffs
• 10 games plus playoffs , one weekday and one weekend game per week
• Playing time and pitching parameters in place


• Exposure to tournament baseball for 8 year old age group
• Extension of season via additional practice time and game play
• Development of  FBL lower age group players within a competitive environment
• Players continue to have fun playing baseball
Ashland Tournament Description [via Ashland Youth Baseball League (AYBL) web site]


The Sparkler Tournament is a competitive tournament hosted by AYBS for 8 year olds. This is an exciting tournament with a total of 8 - 12 town teams including teams from Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Bellingham, Southboro, Westboro, and two teams from Shrewsbury. All games are played at Gryncel Park in Ashland with each team playing at least one night game. A home run derby is held each year where two players from each team are selected by their teammates to participate.

For many 8 year olds, this is their first exposure to competitive baseball and it provides them and their parents with a view of tournament ball. It requires a commitment from the players for games and practices. And because Ashland is the host and their parents are responsible for helping out with the snack shack and field preparation for all of the tournament games. 

Q&A with AYBL


Q: What is the start and end date?  

A: Tournament starts late June and ends late July.  Usually about 4-5 weeks.


Q: How many games are played and are they played both during the week as well as on the weekend?  

A: In the past, there have played 10 games plus playoffs.  Usually 1 game during week and then games on Saturday and Sunday.  If AYBL expands the number of teams, it may effect how many games are played and how often.


Q: Is there a roster size minimum and or maximum?  

A: Ashland usually has 11.  Most teams have 12.  Obviously, 9 would be the minimum.


Q: Is there a minimum and or maximum amount of innings that each player must participate in?  

A: Players have to play 4 innings and 2 of those have to be infield position.  A continuous batting order is used.  Players are limited to pitching 2 innings per game and no more than 6 innings a week.


Q: How many innings are the games?  

A: Games are 6 innings, with a time limit of 2hrs.