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General Umpire Information

Framingham Baseball uses umpires at many different levels of experience to umpire its spring and summer games.

Framingham Baseball offers boys and girls ages 13 and up an opportunity to not only play baseball, but to learn the game from a different vantage point, as an umpire.  As a youth umpire, you will be  taught the rules, given equipment, and paid to help umpire the lower level games.  Each spring, a training class is held.  After taking the training course these umpires are eligible to work AA games.  With each year of experience, kids may move up to umpire higher level of baseball (AAA and eventually Majors).

MBUA Patched Umpires are also welcome to work for Framingham Baseball.  CMBUA offers umpires the opportunity to work Major League, Prep League, and Babe Ruth League games.

To obtain any additional information please contact our umpire in chief, Tommy Bykowski at  .

If you are interested in becoming a MBUA umpire ("patched"), you need to take one of the classes offered by the local chapters of MBUA.

You may see chapters at http://massbua.tripod.com/localboardinfo.html.